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Blue Danube River Cruise

Judy and Elliott traveled from Prague to Budapest with Tauck World Discovery.    A fun "small world" story while cruising: 

Judy and I were sailing with another couple (Ron & Diane) on the Blue Danube sailing Eastbound aboard the ms Swiss Jewel from Passau, Germany to Budapest Hungary.  On August 29, we stopped briefly in Bratislav.  Coincidentally our friends (Dave, Joyce, Gary & Jan) were sailing Westbound on the Blue Danube aboard the ms Treasure from Budapest to Amsterdam when they briefly stopped in Bratislav on the very same day!  Their ship was docked so that their dining room was adjacent to our dining room and we recognized each other!  The four couples were able to enjoy a Florida type happy hour in Bratislav! What a fun time we had.

A few other must-sees from their trip:

  • St.Stephens church
  • Library
  • Prague
  • Mozart house/Museum
  • Budapest at night
  • Opera House 
  • Hero's square