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Small Ship Cruising

A cruise on a small ship will feel like your own personal palace as it transports you in style from one wonderful destination to another. Small ship cruising offers an intimate atmosphere as you take to the open sea. Get closer to the spray of the ocean. Watch the dolphins playfully swim by. Cruise through waterways that are impossible for the larger ships to sail. If you haven’t cruised before, a small ship cruise may be just the vacation you need to get your feet wet!

Ultima Thule: Greenland and the Canadian Arctic
Discover a new Ponant itinerary to the heart of Ultima Thule, a legendary stopover for those in love with the polar regions. Step aboard the Le Soléal in Kangerlussuaq for a 17-day expedition cruise to the farthest reaches of the planet.
The Best of Japan Cruise
Aboard L'Austral, set sail for a cruise to the "Country of the Rising Sun", a blend of modernity and tradition. During our port of call, Japan will open its doors to you and reveal its imperial past, where the history of the Samurais rubs shoulders with the subtle delicateness of geishas.
Iconic Kimberley
Set sail for the wild and grandiose landscapes of Kimberley, following a brand new Ponant itinerary. From Broome to Darwin, embark aboard L’Austral for an 11-day expedition cruise.
The Best of Croatia Cruise
From Venice, we set sail for Croatia and its many hidden treasures. LE LYRIAL slips effortlessly through the turquoise Adriatic Sea, wending her way between necklaces of islands dotted here and there off the Dalmatian Coast. You will be exploring the wild beauty and pearls of the Adriatic: ancient ruins, a wealth of art, and timeless cities just waiting to be discovered, such as Dubrovnik, Kotor and Rovinj.
Baffin Bay Secrets
PONANT invites you to set sail aboard L'Austral for a memorable 14-day expedition cruise to the discovery of Baffin Bay. You will embark in Kangerlussuaq for an unforgettable journey in the heart of the most magnificent Arctic landscapes.