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Marla & Howard: Honduras

Marla commented:

We had a fantastic time in Honduras (despite Honduras being listed as the most dangerous country in the world according to the US State Department, that may deter some folks).  If anybody goes they should be aware the infrastructure is still "iffy": small single-lane highway (full of huge potholes) that wind up and down the mountains with LOTS of passing.  Common mode of transport by locals including the zip-line company we went with, is to hop in the back of the flatbed of the pickup (isn't that illegal here at home?). Electricity went out at least daily or more often>at least twice while trying to pay with credit card, have enough cash at hand, ha, ha.  There are LOTS of assault weapons in the hands of very young policemen, soldiers and private security --so many roadblocks checking cars we lost if that makes people nervous, better not to go.  Very few tourists.  Copan Ruins were great.  Fantastic zip-lining, white water rafting done at a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere.  Roatan feels like it’s going to explode soon into a much more built up resort destination.  Best of all, no time change! 


Thanks again for helping us put together another remarkable vacation.  I wish more people would go experience the hospitality of Honduras.


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