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Kathy's Italy Visit

Kathy and friends traveled to Sicily. They resided at a beautiful Sea-front Villa in Taormina.

The Villa is set on one of the most sought after pieces of coast in Sicily and the cable car to the centre of Taormina is a couple of minutes walk away. With its stylish design, large terraces, sweeping views of the Ionic coasts of Sicily and Calabria and easy access on foot to the beach and a selection of bars, restaurants and shops.

Map of Sicily 

Fast facts about Sicily:

  • Sicily's economy is based largely on agriculture, fishing, mining, and tourism.
  • Population is 5.2 million
  • The capital city is Palermo
  • The size of the island is 9,925 sq miles, making Sicily the largest island in the Mediterranean
  • Sicily has a 600 mile coastline
  • The highest point, Mt. Etna (an active volcano) rises to 10,902 ft. 
  • Because of its strategic location, Sicily was invaded over the centuries by many armies, and was once the site of Roman, Greek and Phoenician colonies.

Photos from Kathy in Sicily

Picture slideshow descriptions:

  • Kathy with friend and colleague, Giancarlo (Rome Limousine) Overlooking Rome
  • Wonderful Sicilian Lunch
  • Fresh from our driver Antonio's garden. Sicily is known for its lemons, oranges, mandarins and almonds to mention a few.
  • Views from Castle Mola, high above Taormina
  • Siracusa, Teatro Greco 400 BC. One of the largest fo the ancient world with tiers of seats hewn out of the rock.
  • Siracusa Greek Theatre
  • Santa Nicolo Church in Savoca. Kathy's grandson Nicolo (7) name comes from his great grandfather born in Sicily. 
  • View from Teatro Greco, Greek Theatre 200 BC
  • Sea-Front Villa Pictures
  • Steaming volcano, Mt Etna, viewed from the Public Gardens