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ICEHotel Jukkasjarvi 

David's trip comments & picture descriptions:

IceHotel is not the small, eccentric operation I expected.  Over 20,000 people a year come to spend a night in a room of snow and ice.  Sleeping is no problem and the thick snow walls make the rooms are dead silent.  All the facilities are first class and the operation runs like clockwork.  The restaurant serves incredible food that is elegantly presented.   I would gladly return.

All the trees in Northern Sweden are heavily Flocked with Snow.  It looks like the department store Christmas settings - a real fairy land.  When I was there the moon was over half full and the nights were bright and beautiful.  I love winter and this was as deep a winter scene as I've ever encountered.

Artikos, Fleur, and Frigidaire
Each year, twenty artists are selected from many applicants to sculpt entire rooms from snow and ice.  The artists come from around the world and their creations make each room into a theme fantasy.  Artikos felt like sleeping in a bed on a pressure ice ridge in the Arctic.  The Fleur sculpture was rather cathedral like. And Frigid-Dare was the concept of sleeping in your refrigerator with the milk, cheese, and eggs.  There were many more suites with each being an exquisite and unique world unto itself.

Jukkasjarvi is the home of the original IceBar.  Now there are IceBars built all over the world with ice harvested from the Torne river and exported.   Weekends are especially busy as guests come from the UK and all over Europe for a long weekend.  At midnight on Saturday, Icebar is jumping with dance music and drinks served in glasses of ice.

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